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27 September
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Well, I love NEWS....
....even though I vowed to myself I'd never love a JE group.

I used to think Johnny's was a lot like the Backstreet Boys or N'SYNC. Only there for looks and girls. But one day, frequenting a Jpop blog I really liked, I came across NEWS's Taiyou no Namida single...
....and the covers really hooked me. (Wet NEWS. xD)

So I downloaded the single, and I gave it a shot. Let's just say I had that song on repeat so long, it finally got through to my best friend, and from there, SHE got into NEWS. xD
(It's okay though because she definitely got her payback on me - with Arashi. -___________________-. But that's a different story~)

Needless to say, ever since then, NEWS have been my ichiban and I heart them to death. I've bought several of their singles and various merchandise, splurging on NEWS until my mother - and I - are broke. I love watching them act like dorks when they're together, crying at the MCs to their concerts, and just fangirling whenever I hear their name. I'm a normal JE fangirl like every other out there - deny the obsession, but live with it everyday - and I adore NEWS and support them with all my heart.

Within NEWS, Koyama was the first to strike my heart and he is the one NEWS member I will always love the most (Yamapi's invading, Yamapi's invading..) Admittedly, I didn't like Ryo much at first - another funny story - but each member has a special place and a special story behind their being, in my humble opinion. When I watch NEWS, I feel so comfortable with them, it's almost like watching far-away friends (conversely, sometimes they feel so far away that they're almost non-existent.) T__________T
I know other fans have been with NEWS so much longer - even before their debut, when Yamapi was hosting Shounen Club as a kakkoi teen and Shige, Kusano and Koyama were awkwardly in K.K.Kity; when Ryo was just backdancing for KinKi Kids (and totally teeny), as well as Tegoshi and Massu - but it's going to be almost 3 years that I've been a part of the NEWS fandom now, and I'm so proud to be so.
(Especially when I compare it to my 8-month Arashi fanbase - NEWS just feels that much more familiar).

Well, at the risk of rambling, I'll end here. I was always skeptical of starting a LiveJournal, but I think writing is a part of me I can't ignore. And maybe, somewhere out there, someone reading my words can feel happy at what I write, just like I do when I read the countless, seemingly meaningless journal entries so many bloggers post, whether about their fandom, or just their lives.
So thank you, to all of you here at LJ - if I start naming names, it'll just go on and on - for always writing what's in your hearts and on your minds at that point in time. It certainly puts a smile on my face and I hope one day I can do the same for you. <3

Look how badass Arashi look. Gangsta, gangsta, gonna take your money (and your soul, 'cause that's what's important and they knows it too~)