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27 September 2010 @ 09:49 pm

Hey guys, just wanted to say I updated my Links section with the links to pre-order NEWS's single "Fighting Man." (I had to type it into the search bar to find it - yet Arashi's new single (YES, ANOTHER ONE) releasing on November 10 (day before Tego's bday !) "Hatenai Sora" (Aki no Sora? xD) is one of the first links you see when you click on "Johnny's New Releases.") -__________-. (I might still post those links up too. Maybe.) Posted!

Remember, it releases November 3rd - Ryo-chan's birthday!<3 !

The Limited Edition is $13.99, while the Normal Edition is $12.99.

I will update this post when the covers are up. :)

Please support NEWS, minna ! :D


~Lil { 27 journal entries on the 27th of September ! Bwahaha ! }

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