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24 September 2010 @ 12:01 am

*I've left this entry public on purpose. May all those who read it truly understand what this interminable loss means to all of us who call NEWS and all other Johnny's our hearts, minds, and souls.*


Sometimes I wonder what possesses people to break others' rules.

Do they just wake up one morning and decide "Hey, today's the day to be vindictive" ?

What does it take for a person (or group of people) to decide NOT to intrude upon another's private and personal life? One they've worked hard for? One they've put time, effort, and their heart and soul into?

This is, of course, what I'm referring to:

I thought it was a joke, but it clearly is not.

This, to me, is a sign of absolute hopelessness, frustration, and surrender.

To those who probably don't realize just how much damage they've done to thousands of people, and a fandom that encompasses cultures and ages and genders all around the world.

You ask yourself - how can one person be so pivotal to the existence of all others?

Well, clearly, Wendy is. And she will continue to be, even after she is gone.

But when she's gone, we will mourn her loss, and all her years of hard work - the countless hours, days, minutes, seconds of subbed video she has poured herself into, exhaustion overtaking her, the time it takes to upload and upload and upload, and type out all her delightful highlights - just for us. Us fans who can't do much to repay her, but leave comments showing her our immense appreciation and gratitude. Which, we hope, will touch her and make her feel happy, a small thing we can do.

Not to mention her careful read of every single appreciative comment (or as of late, non-appreciative, bashing, hateful comment) and her replies back to us. She can't get to all of us, but she tries. And those comments that lead her to the edge - to the point where she has to ban all comments on her entries - are just completely unnecessary.


I hope you're ashamed. I hope you're feeling really shitty about yourself, whoever you are that has caused this to happen. I am deeply aggrieved, and I am not the only one. Believe me. I'm not the type to go after those who spite me, but trust me, there are not sufficient people like me who won't go after you and make you pay.

Am I being dramatic? Maybe. But that's what this is.

An act of desperation. She's tried so hard to fight it and people just can't understand that.

An unnecessary loss. A deep severing tie in the NEWS fandom and community, as well as the KAT-TUN, Arashi, Kanjani8, Hey!Say!JUMP, SMAP, TOKIO, Johnny's and drama communities...

I can only hope that by some merciful act of the grace of God, she comes back, or somehow changes her mind before October 1st.

If not, after that...

Well. There'll be blood to drink.

That's all I have to say.


~<3 Long live Wendy/NEWShFAN <3~

We don't know what we'll do without you. God bless you in all your future endeavors. May you continue to hold hope and truth in the world that, though others try to bring you down and break you, you will always persevere.
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